5 good reasons to study in Lyon

You are one of 175 500 students who have chosen to study in Lyon. Living environment, high-quality education, special arrangements for students: learn more about the good reasons to study in Lyon.


A warm welcome

The good life for students is, first of all, being welcomed in a friendly way that introduces you to the city and shows you the best way to fit in!

The "Nuit des Étudiants du Monde" (International Students Night)

Each year, Lyon Métropole welcomes international students to a free and festive evening event: The “Nuit des Etudiants du Monde” (International Students Night). The "Nuit des Etudiants du Monde" reinvents itself due to covid 19 for the 2021 edition : more information soon.

The Students Welcome Desk

Lyon Métropole is also a partner of the Student Welcome Desk. This one-stop reception area for students assists you with your arrival formalities and is available for three months when the university program starts in the fall.

More information soon about Student Welcome Desk 2021 adaptation.

Eighty percent of students questioned in Lyon would recommend the city to another student

(L'ETudiant magazine 2020 survey)

2/ Fitting right in

The Lyon Campus site

To help you become part of the city, your #1 resource is Lyon Campus, the Lyon Métropole student website. You can find featuring tips and assistance, as well as student news and events in the area.

Well-adapted transportation

You can reach every university site rapidly in Lyon, with diversified network of public transportation: tramways, buses and several bike path.

Student housing

The Lyon Campus housing section has been created to help you feel at home! In Lyon Metropole, the offer of student housing is on the rise: local public services work to produce new student accommodation each year.

The “Commerces amis des Étudiants”

Among the tips, you’ll find that the “Commerces amis des étudiants” (Student-friendly businesses) page gives a list of merchants in the 7th arrondissement who propose special offers and reductions for students: a good way to strengthen your purchasing power in the most popular student area in Lyon.


3/ Special support

Support for student associations

To support the many student initiatives developed in the local area, the City of Lyon and Lyon Métropole propose financial support for student associations in the form of a Appel à Projet Initiatives Étudiantes (Call for Student Project Initiatives). 

The MDE, at site for student life in Lyon

The MDE (Maison des Étudiants, a Lyon Métropole student center) provides coworking areas for student associations and programs over 400 events throughout the year, including exhibitions, inter-association encounters, conferences and workshops.

Support for student entrepreneurship

You want to create your own start-up? The BEELYS PEPITE (Pôle Étudiant Pour l’Innovation, le Transfert et l’Entrepreneuriat, or Student Hub for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship) is here to support you. We list you how to undertake a project during your studies.


students are introduced each year to company creation and 250 receive project support.



events are organized each year at the MDE



student associations were in residence at the MDE in 2019/2020

Cultural offers

Studying in Lyon also gives you the opportunity to get your fill of culture with several student advantages! Lyon Métropole develops cultural actions for students, such as the "Pass Culture" (Pass for students). For 18 euros, you have access to 3 shows and 1 movie, which you can choose from the programs of 102 cultural venues in the metropolitan area (opera, theater, festivals, film, dance, concerts, etc.). 


4/ Tiptop training

A variety of educational possibilities

Lyon proposes a varied academic offer, with more than 1,000 training programs covering a number of specialties in the metropolitan area’s institutes of higher education on nine major university campuses. 

An international academic site 

The University of Lyon, composed of 12 member establishments and 25 associated establishments, is at the forefront of internationally ranked French universities. Proposing various programs with five major orientations (bio-health, humanities, chemistry, engineering and digital technology), the university offers numerous resources for innovative training.


5/ Well-ranked

Did you know ? Lyon has been ranked as the leading student metropolis in France twice in the L’Étudiant magazine awards : to establish this annual ranking, L’Étudiant has scrupulously examined 43 metropolitan areas in large and medium-sized student cities for over ten years on the basis of some fifteen criteria such as attractiveness, high quality of education and pleasant living environment.

In 2020, Lyon Metropole has been ranked second best student city in France in the Figaro Etudiant awards.