Lyon, a city of innovation

Choosing the Lyon metropolitan area for studying means building your professional future in dynamic surroundings. Let’s have a closer look at how Lyon Metropole acts to support research, adapt education and training to company needs, and carry out innovation policies.

Lyon, a learning metropolis

Supporting scientific research

Lyon metropole is reputed for its excellence in industry and the life sciences, as well as in cleantech and digital technologies. The area has 600 public and private research laboratories, including 12 LabEx (with the “laboratory of excellence” label). The Lyon metropolitan area is also the second-leading French region for patent applications and is an international hub of innovation.


research scientists in the area including 1800 internationals


of jobs in industry


theses defended each year locally

The “Prix du Jeune Chercheur” (Young Researcher Prize)

Every year, the Young Researcher Prize awards €5,000 to each of three young researchers under 35 years old. It is given by Lyon Métropole in partnership with the University of Lyon, for projects concerning bio-health and society; science and engineering; and humanities and urban living.

Contact: prixjeunechercheur(at)

Research at the University of Lyon

As the second leading French scientific site, the University of Lyon uses several approaches to promote research. It welcomes international researchers through the ULYS service and supports research scientists in promoting their work through the PULSALYS innovation accelerator.

Adapting training to company needs

Lyon Métropole counts on institutes of higher education known for responding to changes in the job market with a broad selection of innovative training programs.

More students mean more talent for companies and a stronger economic dynamism

Lyon Métropole encourages training in jobs for the future, most notably in the digital sector, with over 600 different educational programs, as well as in logistics, human services and the hotel industry.

Good to know

Have you heard about the Digital Transformation University Diploma ? This innovative University of Lyon training program in the framework of the “Disrup’t Campus” initiative for students and companies. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree and submit an application. This short program aims directly at the working world and proposes that students carry out a digital project with a partner company for one semester.

Promoting innovation through entrepreneurship

Lyon Metropole is France’s second-leading urban area in terms of company creation, with an average of over 20,000 companies created locally per year.

Lyon supports entrepreneurship and backs project leaders in all phases of development with an offer of dedicated services. To do this, the LYVE community provides:

  • A network of over 300 experts to assist in company creation in the Lyon metropolitan area

  • Online tools and services for project leaders on the LYVE digital platform

  • 3 entrepreneurial hubs, located in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon, Neuville-sur-Saône and Givors, that propose events, expertise and a meeting place for all project leaders.

There are also various programs to support student entrepreneurs, from first idea to final project. 

An innovative metropolis


Lyon “Smart City” strategy is based on various drivers for transforming the city and meeting the social, economic and environmental challenges of the future:

  • Open innovation methods like open data and experimentation to build new urban services incorporating user input

  • Collaborative hubs like Tubà and the Innovation Factory to promote the development of innovative companies

  • Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to promote the energy and digital transition, such as new forms of mobility, smart networks, and the industries of the future.

  • Support for the social and solidarity-based economy (ESS), with various programs, including Lyon French Impact, with a fund to support social innovation, backing for associations and the ESS Trophies.