LyonCampus lists you cheap and healthy solutions to eat in Lyon Métropole, including markets, AMAPs, student associations tips and good deals.


Eating at home

Where can you shop in metropolitan Lyon?


Each week, there are 220 markets in Lyon featuring local products. They’re a great alternative to your corner store and involve a minimum of packaging!

List of food markets in Lyon (french version only)

List of organic ("bio) markets in Lyon (french version only)


Map of food markets in Lyon Métropole (french version only) (pdf)


Directory of food and student precariousness

In the digital map of LyonCampus' student solidarity initiatives (french version only), you will find everything you need around you at low price to feed and equip yourself:

  • food baskets and parcels, grocery stores, equipment and hygiene products distribution,
  • contacts of associations to share and promote student solidarity and help/be helped.

You can also register a solidarity initiative in the directory (french version only): this collaborative tool is developed by Lyon Métropole in partnership with several associations (Vrac, BelleBouffe, Gaelis, Refedd, la Distrib des gros Colis...), in order to list all local solidarity initiatives by and for students.


Solidarity-based local groceries

There are solidarity-based local groceries just about everywhere in Lyon Métropole. ​​​​​​
Here, you will find a​​​​​ list of groceries and merchants (french version only) who propose to feed you with a minimum of packaging and products that are often organic or local!

There are also solidarity-based student groceries like AgoraE at "Université Lyon 1", managed by the Gaelis student association. It provides fruits and vegetables to students at a low price. It’s open on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the Déambulatoire building at La Doua.

Good to know

The national REFEDD student association proposes workshops, advice and recipes for good eating as a student.​​​​


What’s an AMAP? AMAP stands for Association pour le Maintien d’une Agriculture Paysanne (association for the maintenance of local agriculture). It’s system that links a local farmer with a group of people to reduce costs for both and support the local economy. By joining an AMAP, you’ll receive a weekly basket of fresh local products (fruits and vegetables, dairy and animal products) at the same or lower price as a supermarket, with the advantage that you support local production.

Here's the list of AMAP network members in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 

Here's the map of students associations proposing food baskets Lyon (through Animafac)

Tip: There are also AMAPs in certain establishments of higher education in metropolitan Lyon. Ask for information from the student office in your establishment.

The "Distrib des gros colis"

La Distrib’ des gros colis is an association housed in the Maison des Étudiants de la Métropole de Lyon that proposes baskets of local products to students at a reasonable price. You can support local producers by signing up for various local baskets with vegetables, bread, cookies, dairy products, and so on.

Look for them on Mondays at 7 p.m. at the MDE (90 rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon).

La Distrib' des gros colis on Facebook

Hypermarkets and supermarkets

Metropolitan Lyon has many retail outlets, including hypermarkets on the outskirts of the city, smaller stores in the city center and a number of discount brands, and it’s easy to find one near you.

List of supermarkets in the Rhône department (french version only)

List of stores open on Sunday in Lyon (french version only)

Have you heard of the « Commerce ami des étudiants » (Student-friendly businesses)?

Over 50 businesses in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon—the favorite area for students in the metropolis—including some twenty food stores, propose discounts and special offers for students!​​​​​ Find the "commerces amis des étudiants" here.


Eating out

Eating on your university campuses

Located near many establishments of higher education, the Crous restaurants and cafeterias provide complete meals at low cost. Look here for the​​​​​​ directory of students restaurant on Lyon Campus (french version only).

In the Crous restaurants and cafeterias, you can pay with your IZLY card, a quick and secure payment system. Obtain your IZLY card free of charge from your establishment of higher education and recharge it at a terminal or on your internet account.

Eat well with the CROUS Lyon

On a regular basis, Crous organizes nutrition workshops for better eating and learning how to cook in a healthy way. During these workshops, you’ll also receive recipe files and enjoy a few samples!


The pleasure of eating in Lyon, Capital of Gastronomy

Best restaurants selected by students

To help you choose a restaurant, take a look at the Petit Paumé website (french version only). An institution among city guides listing the best addresses, the Petit Paumé has been published by students at EM Lyon since 1968. Each year, students test and select for you restaurants and outings in metropolitan Lyon, including the famous RPPPs (Petit Paumé recommendations).

Don’t miss the free distribution of the Petit Paumé in the paper version, organized each year in October at various sites in the city during festive events. Use your guide and the Petit Paumé card to obtain discounts at several establishments in Lyon!