Find all the information on the new student social protection regime and the various types of medical assistance available to you during you studies in Lyon Métropole.

Social Security and students

Social protection is mandatory in France and is based on a system of national solidarity.

What is the "Sécurité Sociale" ?

How Social Security works if you’re a student? 

Starting on September 2018/2019, student social protection will change. All students will remain attached to their parents’ social regime. The annual contribution to the student regime has been eliminated. If you are a foreign student, you must apply online (see below).

This social security regime allows you to be partially reimbursed when you see a doctor or receive medical care, for your pharmaceutical products and for part of your hospital fees.

Look here for details on the reimbursement scale to know which part of fees is paid for by Social Security.

International students and Social Security

If you are from a European country:

You must order a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), according to the health system in your country of origin. This card will enable the Social Security system of your country to reimburse your healthcare in France.

If you are not from a European country:

You must request affiliation to French Social Security by registering on the dedicated site. You will have a temporary Social Security number while awaiting the definitive number. You must then create an account on the Ameli website and order your Carte Vitale.

5 steps for getting care

  1. Receiving your "Carte Vitale" after registering for "Sécurité Sociale" : doctors and pharmacists can use this smart card to read information concerning your primary doctor, your social coverage and your mutual fund.
  2. Choosing your treating primary physician : for better reimbursement and medical follow-up, you must choose and declare a primary care physician to your Social Security center.
  3. Following the coordinated healthcare circuit : except for gynecology and ophthalmology consultations, you must first consult with your primary physician in case of health problems. You will then be oriented toward a specialist, if necessary.
  4. Choosing a healthcare professional : find your healthcare professional in LyonCampus "Annuaire santé" (french version only)
  5. Sending the paper tratment form

Follow the "Université de Lyon" guide with the 5 steps to getting care

Did you know?

The CPAM offers to all students a free preventive medical consultation:

Book your free consultation

Why subscribe to a mutual fund for healthcare?

Adhering to a mutual fund is optional but highly recommended because fees remaining at your charge may be very high in case of hospitalization, or there may be supplementary fees by certain doctors or for certain types of healthcare (optician, dentist, etc.). Mutual funds for healthcare (or complementary health insurance) round out Social Security reimbursements, as well as part of supplementary medical costs (such as payment for glasses or contact lenses).

Supplementary universal health coverage

Under certain conditions, you can benefit from supplementary universal health coverage (Couverture Maladie Universelle–Complémentaire, or CMUC-C). This is cost-free additional insurance.

More information on website (french version only)

Mutual funds and international

As an international student, you can also sign up for a French mutual fund. Find out the rates and choose the most appropriate program.

You leave France to study in another country ? You should take out additional insurance for healthcare fees abroad. If you leave for another European country, you should request a European Healthcare Insurance Card.

Taking care of your health during your student life in Lyon

Healthcare services in Lyon Metropole

Lyon Métropole acts to protect your health by implementing transportation for disabled students, managing family planning and education centers (CPEFs) and proposing a health mobile, the health info bus.

More information on the Lyon Métropole health policy

Good to know

The family planning centers (CPEFs) are places for advice and medical consultation of everything related to sexuality, the couple, contraception and pregnancy. There are 17 centers in Lyon Metropole (french version only). Consultation is free of charge for minors.

University preventive medicine

On your campuses, several university health offices provide free and confidential services for students, such as health visits, check-ups, delivery of medical certificates, vaccination, psychological counseling, gynecological, dental or dietary consultations and screening for STIs and STDs.

Feel free to consult the University Service for Preventive Medicine and the Promotion of Health (SUMPPS) in your establishment of higher education.

More information on University of Lyon Health Directory

Taking care of your mental health

  • The  Happy Hours association proposes support through appointments with a psychologist.
  • Nightline is a free  nightly  listening service for the students everyday from 9pm to 2.30pm on 04 85 30 00 10 and on 04 85 30 00 20 in English from Thursday to Monday. The exchanges are anonymous and confidential.
  • The Jean Bergeret Regional Institute, specializing in mental health prevention, with the support of the Métropole de Lyon, offers all students of the Métropole de Lyon a free emergency psychological support system.Individual listening : online or by phone with a psychologist, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., on registration or by phone on 07 64 42 92 59. New : “Listening to Métropole de Lyon students” is strengthening its action with international students with appropriate support: free psychological support in different languages ​​(English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, etc.). Several methods of care at the choice of the student : face-to-face and/or remotely over a wide area of ​​the metropolis. Download the flyer in english.

More information on your mental healthcare access (in french)

Associations and student events for prevention and healthcare access 

  • The Handizgoud student association at INSA makes students who are future managers aware of employing the disabled.

  • The Handi-Etudiant association aims to familiarize students with disability and promote their understanding of it.

  • The Rimbaud association provides counseling sessions for young people who have broken with their families because of their sexual orientation at the Espace Santé Jeunes (66 Cours Charlemagne, Lyon 2).

  • Crous social workers propose free appointments.

Discover several student events in Lyon on the theme of student healthcare, such as the Public Health Forum by pharmacy students in Lyon or the Semaine des Gestes qui Sauvent (first aid week) organized locally each year by the City of Lyon.

Medical emergencies and assistance in Lyon Metropole

  • Find medical assistance from  SOS Médecins: by phone 24/7 at 04 78 83 51 51, SOS Médecins provides medical assistance by phone and can go to your home for an emergency consultation.
  • Call 15 for Samu: the phone number in case of a medical  emergency, to explain your symptoms and be told what to do. SAMU put you in contact with the appropriate person.
  • Call 112 in all  European Union countries: a general platform on a Europe-wide level for all  emergencies.
  • Send an SMS to 114 if you are deaf or hearing disabled.
  • Go to the hospital emergency room in case of a serious accident or illness: find here a list of hospitals with emergency services by category.

All the phone numbers you need on University of Lyon's Health Directory

On-call pharmacies in Lyon Metropole

5 on-call pharmacies are open at night and on Sundays and holidays in Lyon Metropole. There is a supplementary fee of €5 on Sundays and holidays and an extra fee of €8 at night for prescription medicines.

La Grande Pharmacie Lyonnaise, 22, rue de la République, 69002 Lyon

La Pharmacie de Gratte-Ciel, 28 Avenue Henri Barbusse, Villeurbanne

La Pharmacie de L'Horloge, 14 Place Vauboin, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune

La Pharmacie des Portes du Sud, 49 Boulevard Lénine, Vénissieux

La Pharmacie Portes des Alpes, Centre Commercial Auchan, Saint-Priest

The list of on-call pharmacies is posted on the front of all pharmacies.