Student cultural advantages

For a maximum amount of culture at a minimum rate in Lyon Metropole, Lyon Campus lists all the student culture offers and specials that target young people in the area!

Local cultural discounts for students

  • Pass Culture for students: €18, for students only. Have you heard of the Lyon Métropole cultural offer for students? Over a one-year period, it gives you access to three shows and one film in 101 cultural venues in the area, including the Nuits Sonores, Nuits de Fourvière and Woodstower festivals.

  • Culture Card: €15 for 18- through 25-year olds. The Culture Card provides access for one year to temporary and permanent exhibitions in the six municipal museums and to the services of the Lyon Municipal Library.

  • Museum Card: €7 for students under 25. The Museum Card is valid for one year and gives access to the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions in the six municipal museums.

  • Biblyo Library Card: €10 for students under 25. Valid for one year, this card lets you access City of Lyon library services, including the loan of 20 documents, onsite consultation and use of digital resources.

  • Card for four metropolitan venues: €16 flat rate. This card entitles you to a reduced rate at four metropolitan venues and one free concert per quarter and per venue (for a total of 12 free concerts per year).

  • Scènes Découvertes Pass: €40 flat rate. With the Scènes Découvertes Pass, you have 4x2 seats at shows in partner venues. The Pass is valid for one cultural season. Discover culture in Lyon with a friend!

  • Lyon City Card: From €24.90 per person and per day. This contactless card includes access to public transportation, museums, guided tours and cruises. Perfect for visiting Lyon!

Student offers from the leading Lyon cultural establishments

All cards and subscriptions are valid for one cultural season, from September 2019 to June-July 2020.

Under 28 "carte intégrale", 60 €Nominative card valid for one year giving unlimited access to all concerts.
Under 28 "carte 3 entrées", 15 €Non-nominative card with 3 seats to see a show at the last minute
And for everyone under 2850% off on all seats you purchase individually
  • Lyon Opera: For those under 28, special reduced subscription rates with price according to the show chosen.

  • Théâtre des Célestins: For those under 28, two special possibilities: subscription to the Célestins Theater with seats from 7-16 euros, or full subscription with seats from 6-10 euros.

  • TNP: If you are a student or under 30, benefit from a special rate at €12 a seat.

  • Théâtre Croix-Rousse: For those under 30, benefit from very reduced rates for two shows!

  • Maison de la Danse: For those under 30, benefit from a special rate at €13 a seat from 3 shows, with the Under 30 Pass, and the special last minute rate at €10 the place one hour before the start of the show.

  • Lumière Institute: €15 for students. The yearly card for the Lumière Institute gives you reductions at movie theaters, accreditation for the Lumière Festival and other advantages!

  • Museums: Free entrance or reduced rates for students. 

And also...

  • Petit Paumé Card: Free of charge for all. Created by students, the Petit Paumé Card proposes specials at many places in Lyon, from a free coffee in a restaurant to a discount on your ticket to the aquarium.

  • DINO Card: For those under 26, this €15 card offers discounts at restaurants and in stores over the Lyon area.

  • ISIC Card: For students, this €13 card lets you take advantage of over 45,000 international discounts on products and services.