Travel in Lyon Metropole for the disabled

Accessibility in the city: To facilitate travel in the city for the sight impaired, Lyon Métropole is in the process of equipping stop lights with sound alerts to help pedestrians cross the street. Contact your city hall to request a special remote control device that activates these lights using speech synthesis.

Parking: There are 1,100 parking places for the disabled in the various Lyon Métropole parking areas.

Public transportation: All metro, bus and tram lines, as well as most TCL stations, have been adapted for travel by disabled individuals. Optibus, a “door-to-door” bus service, is also available. Fill in an application to see if you are eligible!

SNCF: All train stations in Lyon are adapted for the disabled. You can specify your disability when you purchase tickets, or you can notify an SNCF agent in the station. “Access PLUS” is a free service at stations and provides accompaniment on trains. See all the arrangements implemented by the SNCF to help you travel.

Living areas: If you are a disabled student, consult the information concerning facilities implemented in school and universities. You can also request adapted housing from the Crous service. For your outings, the various museums of Lyon are accessible and special cultural visits are organized by OnlyLyon.