Student travel offers

A number of student offers will enable you to travel at bargain rates within Lyon and elsewhere.


TCL offers

TCL proposes several advantageous rates if your are a student or a young traveler. If you are an intern, don’t forget that your employer must pay half of your transportation costs.

Per unit

Tickets are sold at one of the six TCL offices, at one of the 200 service points or from one of the 450 TCL dispensers in stations. Prices for 2019 are:

  • Book of 10 tickets for students and under 26: €14.80, upon  presentation of a student card if you are subject to an ID check.

Be careful! Student offer is only for 10 tickets purchased, this does not apply to tickets purchased by unit.

  • Ticket : €1.90 • Ticket sold on a bus: €2.20
  • Two-hour "Liberté" ticket and evening ticket : €3.10 • One-day ticket : €6

Tip :

If you make more than four trips per week, it’s more economical to buy a monthly subscription.

"Étudiant campus" subscription

  • The offer:  TCL proposes a 50% reduction for students and young travelers. The Étudiant Campus subscription is €32 per  month or €320 per  year (last  two  months are free of charge) in 2019

Be careful! The monthly subscription is valid from the first to the last day of the month only. It is not a “roll-over” subscription.

  • How to take advantage of this fare:  you must be between 18 and 25 years  old or a student  under 28. 
  • Tip: plan ahead and don’t wait for the  start of school to take out a subscription (or you’ll  run  into a long line at the ticket window). Take out your  subscription in July but don’t pay  until  school  starts.

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Vélo'v offers

Vélo’v stations are located throughout metropolitan Lyon and allow you to rent a bike 24/7.

Student rates:

Under 25 subscription (14/25 years): 1 year = €16.50 in 2019

The first 30 minutes are free of charge (or the first 45 minutes for holders of Técély, Oura or Bluely cards or holders of a valid Vélo'v subscription).

After these 30 or 45 minutes :

  • €0.05 for the  first  half-hour
  • €0.10 for the second half-hour
  • €0.15 for the  third  half-hour and following  half-hours 
  • The  ceiling is €35 per  rental.

Find your most appropriate Vélo'v rate here


Train offers

Are you looking for an advantageous rate? Compare here to find the best subscription for your itineraries:

You take the TER every day:

Illico monthly or weekly subscription

This subscription lets you take the TER between your home and the place where you study or do an apprenticeship as often as you like (for either seven or thirty consecutive days). You have access to unlimited travel on the itinerary of your choice and reductions on all other itineraries in the region.

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More details about Auvergn Rhone Alps TER Ilico offers (french version only)

Please note that this subscription does not apply to TGVs.

Combined TER + urban network subscription

This monthly subscription (from the first to last day of the month) is available for students and apprentices under 26. It allows you to take the TER from a Rhône-Alpes station outside the Lyon public transportation perimeter and to circulate within this perimeter by bus, tram, metro or TER.

Find all information on combined subscriptions here (french version only)

You take the TER on a regular basis:

For those under 26, the Avantage Jeune Card offers you a 50% discount for one year. The card costs €15 per year. It can be used in all TER train and bus stations, whatever the distance.

For those who are 26 and older, the Liberté card offers a 25% discount per week and 50% less on weekends. The card is valid for one year and costs €30.

Good to know: All Illico cards allow you and three people accompanying you to benefit from a 50% discount on weekends and holidays.

You take the TGV from time to time:

Prem’s rates (for everyone): The Prem’s rates allow discounts that range from 25% to 50%, depending on connections. Tickets cannot be reimbursed or exchanged. They are available through online reservation only, starting three months ahead of time and up to two weeks before the trip.

OuiGo, the “low-cost” TGVs: Travel at a very low rate to several destinations from Lyon Part-Dieu, Perrache or Saint-Exupéry, including Paris (Marne-la-Vallée), Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Montpellier.

All about TGV SNCF fares

You take TGV from time to time:

The Avantage Jeune Card (for ages 12-27) costs around 50 euros/year. It gives you a guaranteed 30% reduction on all your itineraries, as well as discounts on other TGV, Intercités and TER routes.

TGV MAX (for ages 12-27): this subscription is €79 per month for unlimited travel on the TGV network.

Interrail Pass

Explore Europe by train: Whatever your age (but at a reduced rate for those under 26), travel as much as you like in 30 European countries. Rates are between €200 and €500, depending on the duration and frequency of travel. It’s even possible to take advantage of maritime links in certain cases. For more information and ordering, see the Interrail website.

Rhônexpress offers

For 365 days each year, the Rhônexpress rapid tramway (30 min) connects Lyon (Part-Dieu, Meyzieu Z.I and Vaulx-en-Velin la Soie stations) and Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport. It departs every 15 minutes from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and every half-hour from 4:25 a.m. to 6 a.m. And from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Rates for 12-25-year-olds €13.60 (one-way) and €24 (two-way)

Rates for over 25 €16.30 (one-way) and €28.30 (two-way)

If you are over 25, pay a bit less by purchasing two tickets ahead of time on the Rhonexpress website. (Free for under 12)

Tip: find in "travel" section ways to economize when you travel to Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport .

Bluely car-share offers

With Bluely, travel short distances using an electric car! There are student formulas with an offer for 18-25-year-olds:

- subscription at €1 per month

- rental at €0.15 per minute

Find your most appropriate Bluely rate here (french version only)

Publication date : 14/08/2019