Student travel offers

A number of student offers will enable you to travel at bargain rates within Lyon and elsewhere.


TCL offers

Book of 10 tickets for students and under 26

  • Pay 15.10€ for book of 10 tickets for under 26 and students under 28, upon  presentation of a student card if you are subject to an ID check.
  • Be careful! This -2.50€ student offer is only for 10 tickets purchased, this  does  not  apply to tickets purchased by unit.

Find out more on TCL website

Per unit

  • Ticket: €1.90 • Ticket sold on a bus: €2.20
  • Two-hour "Liberté" ticket and evening ticket: €3.10 • One-day ticket: €6,20
  • Tip: if you make more than four trips per week, it’s more economical to buy a monthly  subscription.

Where can you buy TCL tickets ?

Tickets are sold per unit at one of the six TCL offices, at one of the 200 service points or from one of the 450 TCL dispensers in stations. You can also buy your tickets with you Android Smartphone on TCL E-Ticket app, or by SMS by sending "bus" at 93069 (1 SMS = 1 ticket valid for 1h on the bus network and €1.90 taken from your telephone bill).

"Étudiant campus" subscription

  • What:  TCL proposes a 50% reduction for students and young travelers. The Étudiant Campus subscription is €32.50 per month (from  the  first to the  last  day of the  month) or €325 per  year (last  two  months are free of charge) in 2020.
  • Who: For 18-25 years old (upon presentation of your ID) and for students under 28, apprentices, professional  contracts and civic service contracts.
  • How: You  need a Técély card for any  TCL subscriptions : it costs €5. To create your card, go to a TCL office with your ID card, a photo and student justification (student card, justification of school  registration, etc.). The card must be renewed every five years, and you must confirm your student  status each year. The Técély card can be recharged  using a bank card at a TCL dispenser or using  other  means of payment at a service point. You  can  also recharge your  Télécly card directly on the  TCL online office.

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Skip the line at TCL agencies!

You can now schedule online your appointment at your TCL agencies Bellecour and Part-Dieu! Another tip: plan ahead and don’t wait for the  start of school to take out a subscription. Take out your  subscription in July but don’t pay  until  school starts.

Vélo'v offers

Vélo’v stations are located throughout metropolitan Lyon and allow you to rent a bike 24/7.

Journeys without subscription

You can use the self-service bicycles of the Métropole de Lyon without a subscription, for a single trip or for a day. oYu  can  buy it online or directly at a Vélo’v station kiosk  equipped with a terminal of payment by bank card:

  • The  Vélo'V Single Ride costs € 1.80 and allows  you to make  one ride with Vélo’v. The  first 30 minutes of this ride are included in your plan. Beyond  that, pay  only  what  you  consumme  with per-minute billing. 1st payable half-hour : 0.05€/mn, 2nd payable half-hour: 0.10€/mn, then: 0.15€/mn Maximum billing : 35€/rental.
  • The Vélo'V Day  Pass  costs €4 and allows you  take as many rides as you want throughout 24 hours. The  first 30 minutes of each ride are included in your plan. Beyond  that, the same per-minute billing  applies.

Find your most appropriate Vélo'v rate here

Vélo'V 14-25 years annual membership

The Vélo'V 14-25 years annual membersip costs €16.5 and allows you  take as many rides as you want throughout the year. The  first 30 minutes of each ride are included in your plan. Beyond  that, the same per-minute billing  applies.

You can suscribe online and immediatly access the service on Velo'V website.

first 45 minutes free with your other transport subscriptions :

Holder of one of these cards: Técély, Oura, Bluely, Trabool? Beneficiary of the Vélo’v benefits for the LPA / CITIZ / QPARK / VINCI parking / EFFIA parking members? These are the first 45 minutes which are free (instead of 30 minutes)!

Regional and TGV Train offers

Regional trains under 26 subscriptions :

If you are a under 26 student or an apprentice, you benefit "TER Jeunes" rates. You can buy your subscription and order you "carte Oùra" online or in a train station.

  • With the TER Illico Liberté Jeunes subscription, priced at €15/year, you benefit from a 50% reduction for 1 year on all your journeys in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

  • With the TER Illico Mensuel Jeunes subscription, you have reductions on all the TER network and you have 1 month of unlimited travel on the TER route of your choice in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes or to Mâcon, Genève Cornavin (via Bellegarde only) and some bordering departments. This offer also exists for the week (7 consecutive days of unlimited travel) with the TER Illico hebdo Jeunes subscription.

  • With the combined TER + urban network subscription, you save up to - 20% reduction compared to the separate purchase of your transport subscriptions (regional trains and metro/bus/tram network for example), and you benefit from discounts and advantages on the regional trains network.

  • You are over 26 years old ? There are similar subscriptions ("Illico Liberté", "Illico Mensuel", "Illico Hebdo") at the standard rate.

TGV under 28 subscriptions :

  • The Avantage Jeune Card (for ages 12-27) costs around 50 euros/year. It gives you a guaranteed 30% reduction on all your itineraries within France and Europe on TGV, Intercités and TER routes (up to 50% reduction).
  • TGV MAX (for ages 12-27): this subscription is €79 per month for unlimited travel on the TGV network with €0 tickets.
  • There is a "Decouverte 12-27" rate on each single ticket (without subscription) : do not forget to mention your age on your booking. With OuiGo, the “low-cost” TGVs, you can also travel at a very low rate to several destinations from Lyon Part-Dieu, Perrache or Saint-Exupéry.
  • There is a 12-27 reduced rate for Interrail Pass to explore Europe by train.

Other local offers

Rhônexpress 12-25 offer (to the airport)

The RhôneExpress rapid tramway, which connects Lyon to Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport in 30 minutes, offers a 12-25 year-old rate of €13.60 (one way) and €24 (round trip). For over 25, the classic rate applies and reduced internet rates are available : more information on the Rhonexpress website. Tip: find in our "travel" section different ways to travel to Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport .

Student prices for "cars du Rhône" (departemental coaches)

The departemental coaches "cars du Rhône" offer reduced prices for under 26 and students up to 27 years old, valid on their combined subscriptions and passes (annual, monthly, day) as well as on their 1-trip ticket.