Pleine Lune lines

The TCL nighttime lines take you from the center of Lyon to the main campuses and enable you to return from your nocturnal outings in the metropolitan area without having to worry.

The "Pleine Lune” bus lines take you home at every hour of the night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.The lines are in operation from September to late June, following the university calendar. Keep smiling! Even after the last metro has come and gone, your evening is not over!

For 2020/2021 year, Pleine Lune night lines are in operation from Thursday 10th september.

Pleine Lune 1, 2 et 3

4 departures from the city centre at 1.15am, 2.15am, 3.15am and 4.15am, during the nights from Thursday to Friday, Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday.

  • PL 1 : Terreaux La  Feuillée > Cordeliers Bourse > Part-Dieu Jules Favre > Charpennes C. Hernu > La Doua INSA > Cité Internationale > Terreaux la Feuillée
  • PL 2 : Hôtel de Ville > Bellecour A. Poncet > Saxe Gambetta > Bachut Mairie du 8e > Grange Blanche
  • PL 3 : Hôtel de Ville > Saint Irénée > Valmy > Ecully Centre > Campus Lyon Ouest

TCL rates apply on Pleine Lune lines. There is no additional charge for nighttime service.

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Good to know

You can also go home at night with metro : the 4 metro lines operate until 2am from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday nights.