Equip yourself easily and recycle

Are you moving in or out? Find equipment at a very modest price or give new life to your furnishings when it comes time to get rid of them. Solidarity-based, sustainable solutions exist!


Resources and recycling

Sites that provide resources and/or recycling let you find furniture, appliances and clothing at low cost.

You can also deposit your objects and clothes there, giving them a second life while contributing to ecology and solidarity.

Directory of food and student precariousness

In the digital map of LyonCampus' student solidarity initiatives (french version only), you will find : 

  • places around you where you can get food and equipment at low price for students: in particular, solidarity distributions of equipment and hygiene products, free flea markets and object exchanges in the "s'équiper" category,
  • contacts of associations to share and promote student solidarity and help/be helped.

You can also register a solidarity initiative in the directory (french version only): this collaborative tool is developed by Lyon Métropole in partnership with several associations (Vrac, BelleBouffe, Gaelis, Refedd, la Distrib des gros Colis...), in order to list all local solidarity initiatives by and for students.

Here are a few addresses in metropolitan Lyon:

Donation boxes

To reduce waste and consume with solidarity in mind, metropolitan Lyon counts 9 "donneries" (donation boxes) where associations recover donations from users. If you need to make room in your closet, remember to donate rather than throw away!


A solidarity fridge in Lyon 9

Lyon is one of 25 French cities with a solidarity fridge to encourage sharing among residents and combat food waste. Installed at 40 rue Marietton in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon in front of the Le Moulin grocery, the solidarity fridge is a self-service refrigerator where anyone can leave or pick up food free of charge. For more information, see the "Frigo Solidaire Lyon" Facebook page.


Website exchange platforms

Exchange on online platforms like the​​​​​ donnons.org, toutdonner.com or trouvestesmeubles.com sites. Offer your extra items online and recover donations free of charge.


The "déchetteries" (waste collection centers)

There are 20 "déchetteries" (waste collection centers) over the metropolitan area for collecting bulky items, dangerous waste and electrical appliances.


The "déchetteries mobiles" (mobile waste collection)

If you live far away and do not have a motorized means of transport, Lyon Métropole proposes ​​​​​​ "déchetteries mobiles" (mobile waste collections) near you. These mobile units are installed at a given site on the same day of each month with the same schedule.

Riverr’Tri : a "déchetterie fluviale" waste collection center in the heart of Lyon

On saturdays, you'll find the River’Tri "déchetterie fluviale" waste collection center on the right bank of the Saône, Quai Fulchiron, in the 5th arrondissement of Lyon, just a few hundred meters from Place Bellecour.

Collection of electrical and electronic equipment

Place electrical or electronic equipment that no longer works or that you no longer use at one of the solidarity collection points in each arrondissement of Lyon, Bron and Vénissieux: find places and dates here (french version only)

The "boîtes à partage" (boxes for sharing)

Take advantage of numerous “sharing boxes” in metropolitan Lyon, where you can exchange objects, services and good deals free of charge. Located in public places and available to all, they let you give and/or take what you like (items in working order or that need to be repaired), without being obliged to reciprocate, without limits and without controls.

It’s ecological, convivial, promotes solidarity and creates social ties. By the way, Lyon Métropole Maison des Étudiants have a sharing box : come to discover!

The Lyon Métropole "boîtes à partage" map (french version only)